The follow commands can be used in game by anyone.

/911 - If you need to call 911 you will use this command

/twt - This is a command to where you can tweet out whatever you wish as long as it doesn't break any community rules.

/ooc - This is for strictly any out of character comments that need to be made.

/me - This is the 'action' button for pulling out your ID, getting something to drink and so forth.

/report - If you see someone breaking any rules of the server/community than you will use this command. If you're able to put as much info as you can such as players name and whatever they did.

/text ID Number Message - This is pretty straight forword. If you wish to text someone just place the /text and than post the ID Number followed by whatever message you want to send to them privately.

/dv - This will delete any vehicle that is yours.

/tow - For you to tow a vehcile for a role play scene you will need to enter the tow truck (flatbed) first before trying to tow. You will simply walk over to the car you wish to tow and use the command and it will be placed onto your flatbed. You will do the same to unload it.

X - This command will put your hands up if your directed to by a member of our police staff. You don't have to hold it, just simply press it on your keyboard and when you're asked to put your hands down just press it again.

B - This command will point to whatever you move your hand to. Just push it on your keyboard and when finished push it again to stop the action.