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Thread: How To: Ban Appeal Prodecure

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    How To: Ban Appeal Prodecure

    - BAN APPEAL -
    When applying for a ban appeal please do not harass the Admins or Moderators of the site regarding an answer to your appeal. Please copy and paste the below text in a new thread titled 'Your Name - Ban Appeal'. An example of this would be The Yipster - Ban Appeal. After appealing your ban you will be answered with 24 hours of your post. Please ensure that you put as much information you know that you believe will help your case.

    Steam name & ID:

    FiveM name:

    Why were you banned:

    Admin/Mod that Banned You:

    Why should this appeal be accepted?

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    Also, if you can, provide video or picture evidence to help it even more.
    if you can, provide a timestamp for the time when it happens, or when you get banned, that will help any and all admins reviewing your case.
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