So you may be asking yourself why should you join our community. That is a very good question seeing there are communities popping up every single day that tell you that they're the best. I'm not going to claim that SARC is going to be the best or is the best. That would just be silly of me to do because at the end of the day it's everyone in the community that makes it the best, if you use that word.

My ultimate goal is to have a fun environment and a fun experience for everyone that joins our site. Everyone that joins a community looks for something to have fun with be that being a police officer, fire fighter or just a civilian. In all honestly, they're all fun. I would like for everyone that comes onto our server to have a fun drama free time. I can't promise you that there will never be drama because well it's the internet and it's a video game but I can make a promise that it wont be stood for. This is our escape from the real world. We want to have fun, not be trolled. This is our long term goal. The goal of having fun with everyone as a group.

People in our community and outside of it aren't going to be banned for some silly reason such as driving a car or flying a plane. You will be asked 'face to face' before being removed from the game. You will be talked too by a member of our staff to ensure you know the rule you're breaking and if you have questions you're able to ask them right there on the spot. Kicking you doesn't do no one any good except make everyone's jobs that much harder and again we're here to have fun and escape from reality. So if you ever have a question please feel free to ask a member of our staff at any time.

Now if you get banned no worries! Just come to the site and post a thread under our Banned section and we will look into it for you. We want you to have fun with us but we also want to make sure people do follow our guidelines we have for our community.

We as a community would like input to make it more fun for you and everyone else. A community lasts as long as it's members are happy and are having fun. So without you, there is no SARC. Let's build SARC, together!

- The Yipster / Mike