Currently Installed Modifications On Our Servers
If you want a modification on our server please post it under Server Suggestions. Please list a link to the modification as well and we will look into placing it into our server if it fits into the needs of the community.

Mods Currently Installed
Note that not all mods are able to be used in game by civilians.

-2016 CHP Pack
-Captain's FBI, LSPD, Sheriff Packs
-Undercover Police Pack
-Security Pack
-Advertisements for business'
-AFK Kick
-Ping Kick
-Car Hud
-Delete Vehicle
-Fuel Script
-Hands Up
-Better Helicopter where it can view license plates
-Never Wanted
-Pause Menu
-Text Script
-Time/Weather Sync
-Lambda Menu

The following vehicles have been changed in the game. Please beware some may be unable to use due to being white listed vehicles.

Akuma - 2017 ZX10R
Asterope - 2017 Honda Accord
Baller2 - 2015 Trailblazer
Bison3 - 2010 Silverado
Blisto3 - 2016 Honda Civic LXR
Bobcatxl - 2017 Silverado 1500 LTZ
Civalcade - Cadillac Escalade
daemon - Harley Davidson Knucklehead
Elegy2 - 2017 Nissan GTR Nismo
felon - 2010 Jaguar XJ
fugitive - 1996 Chevy Impala SS
FQ2 - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe
granger - 2015 Chevy Tahoe LTZ
hexer - Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo Racing Bobber
landstalker - 2011 Toyota Sienna Limited
minivan - Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
monster - Grave Digger
mule - Updated with real logos
Nightblade - New Bike
penumbra - 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse
RapidGT - 2016 Camaro SS
sabregt - Chevrolet Chevelle SS
schafter2 - Ford Taurus
Sentinel - 2016 BMW M2
Sovereign - Harley Davidson Fat Boy
Specter - 2006 Pontiac GTO
Stretch - 2016 Cadillac XTS Limo Royale
vacca - Lamborghini Elemnto
Windsor - Rolls Royce Wraith
*New Ambulance
*New Fire Chief Vehicle
*New Firetrucks

Some of the follow are restricted due to being a white listed position within our community.

-New LSPD Uniform
-New Sheriff Uniform
-New Undercover Uniform
-New Fire Uniform
-New Black Ops Unifrom
-New SWAT Team

Here is the weapons that we've updated/upgraded

-Updated Combat Pistol to Glock 17
-ASP Baton