Discord / TeamSpeak Rules
The following apply to everyone including all SARC Management

We have both a Discord and a TeamSpeak server. The Discord server anyone is able to join and partake in the fun with other members. The TeamSpeak is reserved for members only, mainly active Police, EMS, Fire and other positions as of that nature. All rules stated herein are to be abide by all members of the community and this includes all management of SARC as well. No exceptions.

  • Despite whatever your rank here in the community you are to respect everyone. If you run into an issue please report the issue to a high ranking member of management.

  • This should go without standing with the above rule, no racism. It will not be tolerated here even in a joking manner. You will not harass anyone on our services either.

  • Do not spam any channels, doing so will get you muted/kicked.

  • Do not ask for promotions in any way. They are handed out to the people that deserve them. If you believe you deserve one then please use the proper channels.

  • Do not jump into an office that is currently being used unless you're moved to the office. If you're in need of someone in that office than message them privately.