Server Rules & Guidelines
Here we will discuss our various rules, regulations and guidelines for our server!


Lets Get Started

  • Make sure you read over all the rules of the server. If you get kick/banned for any reason from our server/community it was due to you breaking one of the rules of our community.
  • Anyone is allowed to join our discord. However if you’re a ranking member of our community you must do so and use your in character name as you would in game as well as this website and team speak so we can put you into the proper group.


Basic Rules

  • No racism, hate speech, rape or harassment of any kind will be tolerated in our server or community. Doing so will get you kicked/banned very quickly.
  • No stalking a player at any time to force someone to role play with you.
  • Value your life and others around you. Don't just fire your gun at people because you have one.
  • DO NOT bait the police.
  • No Meta Gaming or Power Gaming
  • Please stay in character at all times. No exceptions. If you see another person breaking a server rule please file a report and explain what rule was broken.
  • This goes without saying but any glitching, hacking or exploitation are NOT ALLOWED and will get you kicked/banned.
  • This is a microphone required server. Also use the VoIP at all times. Do not use any third party apps.
  • No unacceptable character names/steam names will be allowed in the server. If caught we will ask that you leave and change it and you'll be allowed to return with no issues.
  • NO fail role playing or unrealistic role playing. Please use common sense.


Vehicle Limitations

  • No use of emergency/military vehicles.
  • No super cars unless authorized by owner of the server.
  • No planes or Helicopters unless authorized by owner of the server.
  • No armored vehicles or one's that are mounted.


Injury/Death Rules

  • RDM is never allowed. Any conflicts must be initiated verbally or other means.
  • The only exception to this is any robbery. Usually gun fire will happen without any communication between parties. However please read the following below.

- Police Officers must follow their SOP at all times. No Exceptions!
- Police must identify themselves when arriving on scene and must try to communicate before using their weapon.
- Police will assume that shots will be fired at them without any communications.
- Police are allowed to return fire if fired upon with the intent to injure or kill the suspect.
- Criminals aren't required to communicate with any officers before firing.

  • No Logging off in the middle of a gunfight or role play

  • Do not run into barbershops, tattoo parlors etc to alter your appearance if you're on the run from the police. You could take off a jacket if you had one on and 'toss' it in the garbage.

  • New Life Rule Applies. Please read this carefully. We understand that you yourself will always remember what happened to do and who did it. However This is a role play server so if you die and re-spawn you're suppose to be someone new and without knowledge of prior events.

  • If an injury would have caused you to be unconscious than do not speak. When the first responder arrives you may tell them via chat/voice what happened.
  • DO NOT log out while waiting for the first responders
  • Police may say were they are hit in their armor if shot in the armor.


Recording / Streaming
In some communities you're not allowed to record or stream any content without prior authorizing from the owner of the site and/or directors. Here, we believe you're allowed to record and stream as often as you wish. So please, feel free to record and stream. If at any time your looking to get some good content please contact the highest ranking official in game and we will try and set some scenarios up for you and your viewers. After all, we're here to have fun. We also believe that any recording and live streaming is good publicly for yourself as well as our community.

Microphone Chatter

  • Do not play any type of music over the speakers on any of our platforms.

  • Use common sense while you're on the microphone, no disgusting sounds.

  • Do not yell into your microphone.
  • This is a push to talk server so please be sure to have your microphone set to that.


Administrator Rulings
Any and all Administrator rulings are final while on the server. You may appeal any bans via our forums. No Administrator will sit there and argue with you over anything as we have other things that would need our attention in a busy server.


Forum Rules[I]
Any and all Administrator rulings are final while in the forums. You may send one of the admins a dm, or email. You could get one warning, or multiple, so be careful while browsing the forums.